Talks & Videos

As we believe the Word of God is central to life, we do our best to ensure that our talks are available for everyone to listen to. Whether you’re new to the site, or a regular, we believe that God’s word being preached is the way that people can hear God and the way God relates to us and be changed.

Medicine for the aching heart & troubled mind

Psalm 77:1-20
16 February 2020

A matter of life and death

Luke 16:19-31
9 February 2020

Authentic Faith Prays

James 5:1-20
12 January 2020

Wake Up!

Romans 13:11-14
5 January 2020

Authentic Faith is Marked by Repentance

James 4:1-12
29 September 2019

Authentic Faith Submits & Resists the Devil

James 3:13-4:17
22 September 2019

The God Who Cares

2 Kings 18:1-37
12 May 2019