Talks & Videos

As we believe the Word of God is central to life, we do our best to ensure that our talks are available for everyone to listen to. Whether you’re new to the site, or a regular, we believe that God’s word being preached is the way that people can hear God and the way God relates to us and be changed.

Resurrection Sunday is Real News!

John 20:1-31
21 April 2019

Good Friday is Good News!

John 18:1-19:16
19 April 2019

The Heart of the Matter

John 11:55-12:36
14 April 2019

Wisdom about Speaking & Listening

James 1:1-27
31 March 2019

Wisdom About Temptation

James 1:1-27
17 March 2019

Wisdom About Wealth

James 1:1-27
10 March 2019

How to Find Wisdom

James 1:1-27
3 March 2019

Authentic Faith is Servant Hearted

James 1:1-27
3 February 2019

Walking with the Lord in 2019

Ephesians 4:1-32
6 January 2019